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Dunrite Metal Fabricators, Inc. is and always has been your one stop shop for all of your fabrication needs. We specialize in deciphering hard to read prints and napkin drawings. We have over 100 years combined knowledge in all forms of the sheet metal trade.

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We enjoy a good challenge and are not afraid to get dirty in the process. We have a 20,000 square foot facility located in Clearwater, FL. We provide services such as; Welding, bending, forming, rolling, hardware insertion, laser cutting, water jet, shearing, plasma, and cnc punching. We are available to CAD drawings and Engineered renderings as well.

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We also provide in house sandblasting and powder coating. This is a true benefit to the end user. Most items clients would have to have parts built then delivered to their finisher, well not in our case.Not only can we help to design/engineer product, we can help build, assemble, apply coating, and package. Not to mention shipping around the world! We love to bring a customer's concept to reality. 

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The Forbidden Hotdog 😂

The Forbidden Hotdog.

6 months ago
Dunrite Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Some call us crazy, we say its L❤️VE! hehe Ain't that right CYA Powder Coating LLC 😘

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