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Thank You! has officially turned 2 weeks old. I know it may seem little but the response has been overwhelming. DMF has actually landed two large projects because of it. We thank our stars each and every day for any and all blessings.

The current projects are something of an astonishing feat but we are zipping right along. With the help of or amazing design crew and diligent manufacturing staff we have put many major projects through our shop this year.

We will do our best to put up pictures of current projects. Check out our social media pages for up to date project information.

We would love to hear your feedback! Let us know how we can improve our overall customer experience.

Thank you in advance and thanks again for your interest in Dunrite Metal Fabricators, Inc.


The Dunrite Family


Be the Best!

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6 months ago

The Forbidden Hotdog 😂

The Forbidden Hotdog.

6 months ago
Dunrite Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Some call us crazy, we say its L❤️VE! hehe Ain't that right CYA Powder Coating LLC 😘

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